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The Goddess Oracle companion book:
The Goddess Oracle is written by
Amy Sophia Marashinsky

with Paintings by Hrana Janto

  An introduction

A "How to use the Goddess Oracle" section
Using Ritual,
How to invoke the Oracle
Descriptions of the spreads

The Goddesses section
52 Goddess chapters (see description at right)

A reference section

Quick-reference table of the Goddesses, their associated Qualities, Rituals and Cultures, and a bibliography

Samples of The Goddess Oracle text may be found at Amy's website.

The Goddess Oracle, front cover

Each of 52 Goddesses chapters includes:
  • A poem in the voice of the Goddess

  • A summary of Her history / mythology

  • The meaning of the card

  • Ritual suggestion(s) for your experience and/or meditations with the Goddess

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ISBN: 1572815469

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