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The Goddess Oracle
Divine art & healing rituals for body & spirit

The Goddess Oracle is a potent tool for self-transformation and healing. This Oracle features 52 gorgeous Goddess paintings by Hrana Janto and a remarkable book by Amy Sophia Marashinsky. Published by Harper Collins/Element Books, this card & book set is now available in the Divination/Tarot Card or "New Age" section of book and gift shops. Also available signed, directly from Hrana.

Each of Hrana's Goddess images is the result of detailed research into the history and symbology of that particular Goddess. In this unique divination system, each Goddess represents a distinct path of healing, bringing her own personality, gifts and experience into your life. These Goddess paintings are also available as art prints.

Amy Sophia's book includes explainations, detailed instructions, and suggested card layouts. For each of 52 Goddesses, the book contains a poem, description, a ritual suggestion (or meditation), and details of how the qualities of that Goddess can help you along your own unique path to wholeness.


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